What is
a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is a wedding ceremony which has no legal value. It does not replace a ceremony at the register office but is a valid alternative for all those who do not wish to get married in a church.

Have you dreamed of a ceremony in a stately villa on a lake, an outdoor wedding on a beautiful beach or in a country location in a vineyard or olive grove? Somewhere there is a perfect place for your wedding ceremony.

In a symbolic wedding you are welcome to invite other loved ones to participate in the ceremony, listen to your favorite life music duo, choose a suitable wedding ritual from the many existing ones … all those options are available to you.

The ceremony can be constructed upon your requests.
In the symbolic ceremony there are some classic elements that exist even if the sequence is not predetermined

An example of a ceremony could be as follows:

  • Music while the bride or the partners enters/enter
  • Greetings and introduction
  • Your love story
  • Music
  • Personal vows
  • Wedding ritual
  • Question and Rings
  • Music
  • Congratulations, thanks and greetings
  • Music while the couple leaves

This is only a proposal.
You are the protagonists of your wedding day!
We will certainly define the entire ceremony together taking into account all your needs and wishes..

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